Aleppo A Timeless Journey: Walking in the Footsteps of the Crusaders

Walking in the Footsteps of the Crusaders

In 2009, I was fortunate enough to fulfil a lifelong dream by travelling to Aleppo, Syria. As a history lover and a devoted wanderer, I was thrilled to step foot on the same streets once walked by the Knight Templar and Crusaders. The chance to experience this was significant to me, as it had been a long-standing ambition on my bucket list. Aleppo is a city teeming with stories of the past. It is rich in historical significance, allowing me to journey back in time. Come with me as I recount my incredible adventure, exploring the remnants of a bygone era.

As I stepped off the plane and breathed in the warm Syrian air, excitement coursed through my veins. With its rich history dating back thousands of years, Aleppo awaited discovery. After settling into a comfortable hotel, I set out to explore the city.

Citadel of Aleppo 

The Citadel of Aleppo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stands majestically at the city's heart. Walking through its massive stone walls, I couldn't help but marvel at the architectural brilliance that has stood the test of time. From atop the citadel's ramparts, the panoramic view of Aleppo was truly breathtaking. I imagined the city as it was during the Crusader period, with bustling markets and knights in shining armour.

The ancient souqs of Aleppo are a labyrinth of narrow alleyways and bustling market stalls, offering a sensory overload of sights, sounds, and smells. As I meandered through the colourful stalls, I was transported to a bygone era. Traders haggled enthusiastically, and the aroma of exotic spices filled the air. These markets have witnessed countless tales of trade and commerce throughout the centuries, and the energy was palpable.

Reflection and Gratitude

In 2009, I was fortunate enough to visit Aleppo, Syria; it was a dream come true. I had always wanted to follow the path of the Knight Templar and Crusaders, and Aleppo's rich history allowed me to do just that. The city's ability to evoke a sense of the past left a lasting impression on my soul.

The combination of Aleppo's cultural heritage and timeless charm made my experience unforgettable. I hold this journey close to my heart, but today, I feel a mix of gratitude and sadness. I'm grateful to have witnessed the beauty of this ancient city before the devastating conflicts that have since occurred (Destruction of Aleppo: then and now – in pictures). However, I'm also sad about the loss and destruction that has taken place. Aleppo holds a significant place in human history, and it's essential that we preserve it. It's a reminder of the importance of cherishing our cultural heritage and the historical gems that have shaped our world.