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Exploring the Essence of Torbreck - The Steading Blend Master Class

Exploring the Essence of Torbreck - The Steading Blend Master Class

Our trip's highlight was the highly anticipated master class focused on Torbreck's acclaimed wine, The Steading Blend. Led by Torbreck's expert winemaker guide Guss, we jumped into the art of blending as we explored the intricacies of this signature wine. By understanding the grape varieties used in The Steading Blend, we can gain valuable insights into the winemaking techniques that make it an exceptional wine.

The Steading Blend

The Steading blend combines Grenache, Shiraz (Syrah), and Mataro (Mourvèdre). Each varietal brings its own qualities to the blend, resulting in a harmonious and complex wine. Let's delve into the details of each component:

Grenache: Grenache is a red grape variety known for its juicy red fruit flavours, such as raspberry and strawberry. It also contributes soft tannins and a pleasant spiciness to the blend. 
Shiraz (Syrah): Shiraz is the flagship grape variety of the Barossa Valley. It brings richness, depth, and dark fruit flavours to the blend. Shiraz also contributes structure, body, and a touch of black pepper spice.
Mataro (Mourvèdre): Mataro is a lesser-known grape variety but plays a crucial role in The Steading blend. It adds complexity, depth, and various savoury elements like dark chocolate, black olives, and dried herbs. 

Experiment and Collaborate

During our master class, we had the opportunity to taste and evaluate The Steading blend, guided by their wine experts. We each tried to replicate the combination using the three wines; it was so much fun to see who could get the closest to the same balance and smoothness as the flagship blend. We shared the exact amounts of each wine component used in our experiment and collaborated to enhance each other's combinations. Eventually, we achieved a blend that resembled The Steading blend the most.

Planning and Tips

  • Rent a taxi or private driver for the entire day to visit several wineries during the day.
  • Reserve the Steading Master Class as your initial activity for the day, which costs $45 per person.
  • Plan to have additional time for wine tasting after the class.
  • For a more enjoyable and exciting experience, I suggest taking the Steading Master Class in a small group setting.

We hope you enjoy this immersive experience and gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship behind The Steading blend. Cheers!