Washington DC 

Exploring Washington DC's Iconic Landmarks Under a Blanket of Snow

Embracing Winter Wonderland

Welcome, adventurers! Join me on an unforgettable journey through Washington D.C. during the winter, where its iconic landmarks are covered by a pristine layer of snow. As the city slows down under the fluffy white blanket, I had a chance to explore these famous sights with a sense of solitude rarely found in this bustling metropolis. During my recent visit to my son, who had moved to Philadelphia, I realised that Washington, D.C., was just a 2-hour train ride away. I decided to head to the city on a whim and explore its famous sights for a few days.

The White House

Our first stop was none other than the illustrious White House. As snowflakes danced around us, the iconic façade stood majestically against the wintry backdrop. With hardly any other tourists in sight, I relished the rare opportunity to admire this symbol of American democracy in serene solitude. The contrast of the white snow against the white pillars created an ethereal ambience, making it a moment to cherish forever.

Where to Stay

Nestled near Dupont Circle, the Tabard Inn proved to be the perfect sanctuary amidst the winter wonderland of Washington DC. Its historic charm and intimate ambiance offered a welcome respite after days spent traversing the snow-covered streets. The crackling fireplace, coupled with attentive hospitality, ensured a truly memorable stay.


As I bid farewell to the snow-covered streets of Washington, DC, I carried with me memories of a journey unlike any other. From the majestic monuments to the hushed tranquillity of a city draped in white, each moment was imbued with a sense of wonder and reverence. Though the snow may have melted away, the beauty and serenity of this winter wonderland will forever remain etched in my heart. Until we meet again, Washington DC, may your monuments stand tall, and your spirit endures through the ages.